Pet Friendly


1- We receive small, medium and large-sizedcats and dogs, except for the ones considered guard animals*, even if they are wearing a muzzle. *Not-allowed breeds: Akita, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Bullmastif, ChowChow, Dalmatian, Dobermann, Dogo Argentino, Great Dane, Brazilian Mastiff, German Shepherd, Belgian-Malinois, Rhodesian, Rottweiller, Sharpei;

2- Please remember taking your dog to do their business before walking, but if anything unexpected happen, please pick it up and call the mall officer. For this reason, collecting bags are available at the mall’s entrances. Close it and put it in one of the trash cans available in the aisles. And if your dog pees, please reach one of our employees and request them to call the cleaning team;

3- Please keep your dog on a leash held by a teenager or an adult;

4- Pet’s flow is allowed in the aisles, event courts, parking lots and stores*; *It’s at the discretion of each store to allow, or not, the entry of pets in its interior. The stores that authorize the entry are marked;

5- Please remember that all pets must be vaccinated and healthy. The mall might request the vaccination card for checking.

6- Pets are not allowed in the food courts, restaurants, clinics, movie theaters, banks, drugstores, baby changing room, except for the guide dogs that may access these places freely, according to Federal Law n. 11.126 from june 27th, 2005;

7- Pets are not allowed to stay on the tables, chairs or benches in the mall’s commom areas;

8- The pet’s tutor might meet in accordance with the law by the animal’s acts. In case of damages ocurred to other pets, to people or to the location, the owner shall fulfill the proper refund, while reserving us the right to request the animal and the people involved in the event’s withdrawal.


1- The space is for collective use and exclusively for dogs;

2- It’s not allowed to leave the dog alone inside Shopping Recife’s Parcão. Always remain alongside your animal. You’re the only responsible for your dog and for its acts while you are inside the space, including potential damage to other pets, people or to Parcão;

3- Please keep the gates always closed for your pet’s safety, as well as the other ones. When entering and leaving, please be aware to avoid other dogs to leave in this moment;

4- It’s not allowed the entry of sick dogs in Shopping Recife’s Parcão. All dogs must be vaccinated, dewormed and controls of fleas and ticks updated;

5- It’s not allowed the entry of female dogs in estrus and angry dogs. If your dog is not angry, but you are not sure about its behavior alongside other animals, please keep it always wearing muzzles to avoid problems;

6- Agility activities are free for all dogs, as long as its health conditions are compatible. Respect your animal’s limits;

7- It is not allowed the entry of considered guard dogs*, even though they are wearing a muzzle. *Not allowed breeds: Akita, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Dobermann, Dogo Argentino, Brazilian Mastiff, German Shepherd, Belgian-Malinois, Rottweiller and Bull Terrier and derivations;

8- Toys are not recommended to dogs with predisposition or joint diseases carriers (arthritis, arthrosis, etc) and spinal problems. It’s not recommended to obese or overweight dogs.

9- Dogs with heart disease or cardiopulmonary and brachiocephalic disorders, as well as dogs with discopathies, arthrosis, arthritis and predisposition to orthopedic problems, must have the veterinary doctor’s release by the veterinarian responsible for the animal’s health, besides time monitoring and the nature of the physical activity.

10- Please use the dispensers with plastic bags available on site to collect your animal’s feces, thus, contributing to always keep a clean space.

11- To maintain order, tranquility and a good relationship between animals and space, the goer who doesn’t respect the rules listed above will be asked to leave Shopping Recife’s Parcão with their animal. *For further information, please check our Customer Area on the 1st floor or contact us by telephone (81) 3464.6464.

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